Thursday, October 8, 2015

The beginning of a journey....

Our Junior Kindergarten children had their very first day of school on Tuesday this week....and what an exciting week it has been!  We are thrilled to welcome our little JKs as they begin their journey at SSES!

Pictures and quotes from the first week of Junior Kindergarten in Mrs. Artimowich's class!  A special thank you to Mrs. Mager for documenting and capturing the moments!

Measuring beans – "What number is this? Let’s make it fuller to get a big number."

"How big does the number go?"

Loose Parts- "what is this for? Ta-Dah!"

"Do you like my pattern – green pink green pink."

Race track – "We need to make a plan. The trees make it beautiful."

Muffins – "The muffins taste so good when they are fresh."

Bird feeder – "I have one at my lake to feed the birds."

Light Table – "the red and blue make purple!"

"I wonder what happens if I do this… it makes orange!"

"Play is the highest form of research..." ~ Einstein

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