Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Step Outside and let your creativity soar!

Inspired by our love of the outdoors and nature.....our monthly book draw will be the beautiful book, "Step Outside!"  Be sure to send in your draw slip from the September newsletter.  For the remainder of the year please send your child's name on a recycled slip of paper once you have viewed Edsby, the blog, Twitter or the school website.

Each month we have an assembly to celebrate the children at SSES!  Mrs. Cuthbert shares a beautiful story with us, we have a dance party to get moving and we celebrate each child's birthday!  This year, each child will be receiving a kite to decorate and let their creativity shine!!!

Exploring nature is an integral part of our philosophy at SSES....many classes have been outside exploring and discovering nature!  It provides opportunities for authentic research, writing, numeracy, inquiry and collaboration....and countless other learning experiences!  

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