Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shoreline Clean Up 2016


written by Ava V.

On Thursday, we went on a walk to the beach and on the way, we picked up garbage.  We did it with the high schoolers.  We picked up a lot of garbage including cigarette butts!  If everyone stopped or tried to stop smoking it would make Gimli a happy, smoke free town.  Please stop putting garbage on the ground.  We picked up way over 100 cigarette butts.  We had clipboards, garbage bags and recycling bags.  Thank you to people for keeping our beach clean!  We walked along the beach and most of us found no garbage.  But we still found a lot of garbage up town.  Even if you pick up 3 pieces of plastic a day, we would all make Gimli....even the world a much better place!

written by Owen

On Thursday, we went to the shoreline clean up.  My class, room 130, got their jackets and walked to the high school to get 4 high school kids.  They were in front, like teachers for us.  We walked to the beach, but when we were walking to the beach, we picked up garbage and recycling!  It would be a really good thing if we never in our lives littered!!!

written by Tanner

Last week, we had the Shoreline Clean-up.  There was a lot of garbage.  There were bottles, cans and a lot of cigarettes.  When we were picking up garbage, the high schoolers were helping us clean up garbage.  It is a good thing not to litter!!!

written by Grayson

On Thursday, we did the Shoreline Clean Up.  It was fun, but hard!  There were tons of cigarette butts!  First we went to the high school and then we went in groups with 4 high school students .  We went to the train tracks first.  There was a lot of garbage and recycling.  I held the cigarette bag.  Then we walked toward the Viking and we found car keys.  I hope the person that lost them, finds them at our school!  We went to the beach next and cleaned and had a group photo.  I also saw my brother, they were doing the Terry Fox Walk at DGJMS.  Please don't litter!!!

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  1. Thank you for caring about our natural world and helping make it better!