Sunday, January 22, 2017

Learning in Nature

This past week's beautiful temperatures encouraged everyone to get outside to explore, experiment, discover and many inquiry sparks occurred throughout the week!

A walk to GHS to drop off a box for Room 109's book drive led to a stop on a hill to observe the work going on at the new pool site!  This wonder continued back in the classroom with a visit from the construction company and all of the special equipment you need to be a construction worker!

Experimenting with water colours in the snow...snow makes a very unique canvas!

Using spray bottles to create a spatter effect on the snow canvas!

Spatter Art is even better when your canvas is an entire snow hill!

Exploring the forest....looking for signs of animals and their habitats!

A visit from an owl in D's backyard led to research and inquiry work in Room 112!

The snow also makes the perfect medium to create 3D solids and shapes!

Experimenting with structures and tunnels!

Animal track investigations!

Searching for signs of animal adaptations in winter....where do their tracks lead?

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