Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cuddle Up and Read Day!!!!

written by Mikayla and Sydney
 SSES Bloggers

We had pyjama day at our school yesterday.  We got to cuddle up and read our books with our stuffed animals and blankets.  The best part of yesterday was that it was DEAR day, too.  That means Drop Everything  And Read!  It was fun and cozy coming to school in our pyjamas!!!!  
Our class has already read 500 minutes this week....and it's only Wednesday!  All of the classes are reading as much as they can to reach 100,000 minutes.


  1. I really liked to Drop Everything and Read. My brother and I liked wearing our pj's to school! We got to bring stuffies and blankets. I saw my brother in the pictures! We made a fort out of our blankets. We wish it was pj day everyday!!!!

  2. I liked wearing my pj's because it was cozy!

  3. love the pjs looks fun