Friday, February 15, 2013

RCMP Guest Readers

written by Harris, Madison and Emily
SSES Bloggers

The kids at SSES were lucky to have three of our Gimli RCMP officers come to read with us for I Love to Read month.  Constable Frederick read "Night on the Prairie Sky" about a boy who had a horse.  He was looking for his brother who was catching frogs in the marsh.  The boy was wearing an RCMP's red serge.  The prairie sky looked like a storm was coming.  The boys got back just before the storm started.  Once the storm started, the boy was brushing his horse's hair in the barn.
Sergeant Gray read "Monkeys in the Kitchen."  The kids thought it was a pretty funny book!  The monkeys were making a disaster in the kitchen.  Once the kid got all of the monkeys out of the house, an elephant knocked at the door.  And then he realized there was probably several hundred more!
Constable Spakowski read "I'll Teach you 100 Words" by Dr. Seuss to the younger students.  He read the older kids an adventure book about two boys.  He also has two boys.  He told us how important it is to read!  We were able to ask him questions about being a police officer.

Thank you to Constable Frederick, Sergeant Gray and Constable Spakowski for reading to the kids at SSES!

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