Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Flower Gardens


written by Patrick   Grade 4
I was part of the Garden Club last spring when I was in Grade 3.  I helped Mrs. Korolyk take the bags of dirt to the flower beds from the green house.  The bags were pretty heavy so we used a wheeler to move them.  We worked a lot!  I took the compost from our compost bin to the flower beds.  We worked up the soil.  We all planted flowers with Mrs. Korolyk and Mrs. Gergatz.  The flowers looked really nice over the summer.

A special thank you to Mrs. Marion Korolyk, Mrs. Ellen Gergatz, Mrs. Sarah Chapnick, the 2013 SSES Garden Club and the many volunteers who looked after our gardens over the summer ~ you created beautiful flower gardens to welcome everyone back to school!



  1. Thank you Patrick for doing an outstanding job profiling our incredible Garden Club! I am so grateful to Mrs. Korolyk who volunteers her time and organizes the Garden Club. We are all inspired by her passion and dedication. Our flowers this year are absolutely breathtaking! Did you know that gardening is proven to make people happier because it helps us to reconnect to nature? Plus-it's great exercise! Thanks to all of these students, volunteers, staff, and parents for helping to care for our flower beds over the summer ! Mrs. Korolyk, Mrs. Gergatz, Mrs. Chapnick, Mrs. R. Arnason, Mrs. Nancy Thom & Ryder, Mrs. Nancy Humniski & Kyra, Mrs. Nicole Harapiak & Liam/Olivia, Ms. Jehaine Johnson & Essa /Olivia, Mrs. Fedorchuk & Zach, and Mrs. Michaluk & Luke/Ava. Thanks to Mr. Ostapchuk and Mr. Darroux too! We appreciate you!

  2. The flower gardens looked fabulous when we came back to school in September. Thank you so much for making our school look so beautiful!! ~ Mrs. Poloski's Class