Thursday, September 26, 2013

SSES Terry Fox Walk 2013

Our Terry Fox Walk
written by Arika and Tanner ~ Kindergarten
Last week we went to the gym for our Terry Fox walk.  We walked a lot and we listened to music.  We walked with our class.  We had the walk because Terry Fox died.  He couldn't go across Canada in time.  We brought in money.  Terry Fox couldn't get enough money in time because he was so sick.  Our money will help other people that are sick.
Terry Fox Walk
written by Morgan and Emmalee ~ Grade 1/2
On Thursday, we had our Terry Fox walk.  We brought in a Toonie for Terry!  We walked through Vesturland, past the high school and back through Vesturland.  It is important to walk because we are walking for Terry Fox and to raise money.
Our Terry Fox Walk and Shoreline Clean-Up
written by Owen and Breyden ~ Grade 3/4
The Grade 3/4s went on a shoreline clean-up last week.  It was a part of our Terry Fox walk.  We cleaned up on the streets and at the beach.  We found lots of garbage!  It was awesome!
It is important to take care of our town and each other!


  1. Thank you to all students and staff for your participation and in the Terry Fox Run, as well as the Grade 3/4 Shoreline Clean-Up. I joined the Grade 3/4's and it was a great feeling honoring Terry Fox and helping to clean up our environment. The air was fresh and crisp and I felt inspired by the energy from all of the students....and the wind. I was so impressed by some of the student comments that staff shared with me when we weren't sure about the weather, and wondering if we should cancel. Some students said that Terry Fox ran in good and bad weather, and that we should too! Thank you Terry Fox and our family at SSES for helping to make our world a better place!

  2. Mrs. Poloski's Grade 3/4 Class ~ Room 112October 30, 2013 at 10:34 AM

    We think it is important to clean up our community and world! Please do not litter and pick up your garbage. We enjoyed helping our community become a cleaner place to live!