Sunday, October 20, 2013

Documenting with iPads!

written by Mrs. Michaluk's class
Our school is so lucky!!!  Each class at SSES now has an iPad mini!  We are very excited!
We are using the iPads to document our learning and thinking.  We document what we are doing during Explorations, Literacy time and Math Explorations.  We do this by using the video camera and by taking photos.  We are also using an app that lets us write about our photos and record our voice. 
We use the iPad to figure out what we need to do next or what we need to change.  The iPad saves the things we build and create.  We would run out of space in our classroom if we saved everything we created or designed!  Sometimes it takes us a few times to get just the right video or photo.  When we watch the video we can make changes to our story or our design and then try again.  We are using the iPads with our documentation books!

Documenting the stages of a design at nature building

Working together to create a "how-to create plastecine figures" video

Storytelling using plastecine figures
We are very appreciative to our school division ~ our iPads were purchased through an Evergreen ICT Innovative Project Grant and our Technology Budget.  The iPads are being used as a tool to foster and build our documentation culture at SSES.  Documentation is a process that "makes thinking and learning visible."  It is a very important process that not only encourages the collaboration and reflection process, but enables students to create and develop a deeper understanding of their learning.


  1. Thank you Mrs. Michaluk and Grade 1/2 students for sharing this amazing journey of documenting our learning at SSES. I am so passionate about this project because I know it will give us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of everything we are learning. There are so many exciting ways we can learn about the wonders of the world, and with our IPads, we can take a moment to capture our ideas and reflect on how we can create, design, and demonstrate to show evidence of our learning journeys. Thank you Mrs. Michaluk for inspiring all of our school and putting this dream in to action!!!!

    " A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension." Oliver Wendell Holmes

  2. I wanted to share a comment about documentation that has inspired me with staff, parents, caregivers, and our community. Here it is:
    "Documentation is an act of love. It brings children, teachers, families, and communities closer to children's learning." Rinaldi