Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Crop Gardens 2013

written by Anika and Keenan

The grade 2s and 3s planted the grain in the spring.  We used a grid system to make sure the seeds had room to grow.  As the seasons changed, the crop went from lime green to golden brown.  Now we are in grade 3 and 4!  In the fall, we cut the wheat heads off with our scissors.  We collected the wheat heads in the bottom half of a milk jug.    We used a stone to thresh the wheat heads.  Next we winnowed the grain.  This helps remove the chaff from the grain.  When we were done winnowing, we were left with grain.  It takes 2 and 1/2 cups of grain to make 4 cups of flour.  This makes one loaf of bread and it took 4 hours to bake.  We used all of our own whole wheat flour and a little bit of white flour from the store.  It smelled delicious!  We had honey and margarine on our bread.

We enjoyed harvesting the crop.  We learned about the stages of growing wheat ~ the wheat life cycle. We had never done anything like this before.  It was very fun!  We had to work together through each of the stages.

Thank you Mrs. Chapnick for doing this project with us.


  1. This video brings joy to my heart....I am so grateful to Mrs. Chapnick for organizing this incredible learning journey with the crop gardens and to Mrs. Michaluk for creating the video with our SSES bloggers. I know this experience will be one that all of us will remember for a lifetime...and the bread was the best I have ever tasted!!! Congratulations to all the Grade 3/4 students for your work with this project!!!! I am so proud of all of you.

  2. What an incredible experience for the students!

  3. I read your article in Leaders & Learners and was excited by the engagement of your students through inquiry-based learning and rich learning opportunities. Meaningful student engagement is the result of meaningful teacher engagement. Teachers such as yourself demonstrate the passion, excitement and creativity that is required in a student centred learning community. Empowering student voice through blogging is a wondeful read and I will continue to following your journey with your students.

    Roger Lacroix
    Coordinator, Student Services
    Louis Riel School Division