Friday, September 12, 2014

Following the Compost Pail

written by Room 113
This is our compost bucket.  Each classroom in our school has one.

Mrs. Chapnick is pouring our compost into the big compost.  We do this every few days.

This is what it looks like inside the green compost bin.  We think it looks a little yucky!

We are taking the green compost bin out to the main composter.

This is inside of the big compost box.  It's already turning to soil.  We use the soil in our gardens.  We found a peach pit in our flower bed the first day of school.  Now we know where it came from!

It's a little stinky, slimy and even a little bit gross.  But, it makes great soil!

We all got to have a look inside!

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Chapnick for teaching us so much about composting at SSES. My Mom has composted ever since I was a little girl...(which was a long time ago), and I always thought it was yucky, stinky, and gross too. Now I realize how important it is for our environment and how cool it is that reducing our garbage can also made our gardens grow more nutritious and beautiful food. Thank you for inviting me on this important journey and thanks to our entire SSES team for all of their hard work to make this important job happen everyday!