Thursday, September 4, 2014

SSES awarded Eco-Globe Transformational Status!

In June, SSES was awarded Eco-Globe Transformational Status!  SSES is only the third school in Manitoba to be awarded this status!  The Eco-Globe status is awarded to schools in Manitoba that have created a school culture that promotes and integrates Education for Sustainable Development.  This is a true celebration for our school and honours the dedication and commitment of each child and adult in our building!  Mrs. Chapnick is a true leader in being a contributing global citizen and creating a sustainable future!  Through her leadership, we have established an incredible recycling and composting program, built an awareness of conservation and care for our environment  and offered the lifelong experience of gardening for all children.  Our students are to be commended for their commitment to creating a positive carbon footprint for the Earth!

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  1. As Principal of this amazing school, I am so thrilled and honoured to receive this recognition. Education for Sustainable development encompasses not only taking care of the environment, but also our economy and well-being. When we work together as a community to honour and consider all three of these lenses as learn and live our daily lives, we will be able to maximize our quality of life. I am so grateful for the outstanding leadership of Mrs. Sarah Chapnick, who has shared her passion and expertise for ESD and enriched each of our lives by doing so. Thank you to Mrs. Michaluk for her leadership and gift of helping our school to document this journey on our blog and website. Thank you to our entire SSES team for working so diligently to take care of each other and the world around us. We have just begun to embark on this journey and I know we still have a lot of work to do as a community and as a society. Thank you for making a difference!