Thursday, February 26, 2015

Celebrating 50 Day in Kindergarten!

written by Kalea, Christian, Raymond and Raea
We made 50 day hats and we looked like chefs.  We used bingo dabbers on our hats.  We made cuts on our hats to make crowns.  We made necklaces with 50 fruit loops.  We brought 50 trash packs, 50 popsicle sticks, 50 crystals and 50 shreddies.  Our friends brought 50 items too!  We had a 50 party with special snacks.  We had to count out 10 snacks on 5 spots to make 50 snacks!  The party part was the best!  Drinking Kool-Aid for a treat was fun!  Having a party on 50 Day was awesome!!!

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