Friday, February 13, 2015

Compost Soup!

Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Chapnick has been visiting the Grade 1&2 classes to make Compost Soup!  We chopped potatoes, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, and even onions!  All of the peels that would normally go into the compost pail, went into a cheese cloth and were used to flavor the soup.  The peels have many nutrients and vitamins in them!  The smell of the delicious soup filled the halls and was enjoyed by many.  It truly was tasty and delicious!!!!
Soup Facts: The word soup comes from Sanskrit as in su and po which means good nutrition.
It is also derived from the early word of sop or sup when a broth was poured over a slice of bread.  You can eat soup and drink it!
Americans eat 10 billion bowls of soup each year
Different cultures and places have their ‘own’ soup
         Ex. New England- chowder
               Spain- gazpacho
               Russia- borscht
               Italy- minestrone
               France- French Onion and Broth (Pot-ou- feu)
               Chinese- Won Ton
Soup is a part of life in sedentary cultures and travelling cultures, for rich or poor, and for the healthy or sick





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  1. Thank you Mrs. Chapnick for initiating and organizing this wonderful learning opportunity for our students. I found your facts about soup fascinating and it made me love soup even more. I could eat soup is so yummy, warm, filling, and nutritious. It is amazing to know that we can make delicious soup from vegetable scraps. I love to cook and try to make soup as much as I can and I often look at the peels and what I cut off from the vegetables and think that it is I know that I can use this beautiful food and not waste! Thank you for sharing. I wonder if any of you have tried making soup at home with your family? I'm inspired to make some this weekend!!!