Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ag in the Classroom

SSES welcomed local farm, Mac McCrae to our school to talk about his farm and farm life.  His presentation was part of Agriculture in the Classroom

written by Preston
Today we went to the atelier and a guy named Mac came and talked to us about farming.  He showed us pictures from his farm.  After, we made butter!  We shook the cream for 10 minutes and it turned into butter.

written by Theron
We went to the atelier to watch a slideshow of his farm.  We tractors and cows.  We got a book about farming.  And then we got to make butter!  We had to shake it a lot.  The butter was good!


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  1. Thank you to Mrs. Chapnick for organizing this event as it is essential that we know about Manitoba agriculture and how it impacts our life. Farming is such an important industry in Manitoba and the world, and it is awesome to have an actual farmer teach us about it by visiting our school (and going to a local farm which we usually do in Grade 1 and 2 in the spring.) I was very impressed with everyone's butter making talent...there was such energy in the room!! Delicious too!