Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Real Life Snakes and Ladders

written by Keira
For the last day of I Love to Read month, we got to play Snakes and Ladders in gym!  The snakes and ladders game was with real people.  My favorite station was ball push-ups!  At each station there was a dice.  We would roll the dice to see how far we got to go.  We had partners and my partner was Rhianne.  The grades 1 and 2 also got to play Snakes and Ladders.  We got to play real life Snakes and Ladders because our theme was Wild About Reading.  It was a fun game to play!

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  1. Real life Snakes and Ladders...what a thrilling game to play! Being active, flexible, and building strength are just some of the benefits of being physical....did you know that movement actually helps us to learn and exercises our brain too? Although our " Wild About Reading "celebration is over.... I am still wild about reading....are you? I can't wait to come and play Snakes and Ladders with you the next time! Sounds like a fun game to play at recess too.