Monday, May 11, 2015

Exploring the Language of Code

written by Room 113
Coding is making things on a computer or iPad move by giving commands, making rules and thinking about directions.  You can also make things disappear and reappear using coding.  Sometimes, you make a mistake and the object goes the wrong way.  You just have to rethink it and try again!  You have to try commands and directions many times sometimes just to get it right!
We teach other kids how to code and help them figure it out.  It makes us feel like coding masters when we are teaching our friends.  The best way to learn how to code is to just do it and figure it out.  It makes you think of Math, it exercises your brain and it makes you a problem solver.  We make sure that we only use our iPads for a certain amount of time.  We know that it's not good for your brain to be on a tablet too much.  We love to play, write, read, build, create, imagine, discover, learn....and code! 
We use Kodable and Scratch Jr. apps on our iPads.  Scratch Jr. lets you tell a story.  You can use characters and backgrounds from the app or you can create your own.  We like using both.  You can record your voice and make your character talk!  Coding with Scratch Jr. is one way to tell a story!  We are exploring all of the ways you can be a storyteller!  Kodable really makes you think.  You have to think about directions and you have to look at the track before you code.  It makes you smarter!!!  There are many levels on Kodable and each level gets harder and more challenging.  When you get to the higher levels, you can do loops and repeats.  The people that make Kodable talked to us through Twitter. @Kodable  We sent a tweet to them (@ourstoryroom113) and they answered us within minutes.  We thought this was amazing!  We have been thinking about more questions to ask them!
"Coding is mind-blowing!"
  "We think every child should learn how to code!  It's good for your brain!"

We can mirror our iPads onto the SMART Board.  This lets us share our coding stories with everyone in the room.  We can have up to 10 iPads on the SMART board at once!
Coding is most fun when you collaborate with a friend.  You can work together to figure out the sequence and create new stories!

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