Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Room 130 Builds a Zoo

written by Jayde and Alyamama
We built a zoo in our classroom.  We brought in our stuffed animals to inspire us.  We researched the animal that we brought in.  We did our research on the computer.  Then we made our animals out of clay.  We had to add tiny details to make them look real.  We used googly eyes for our animals.  We put the animals into different groups.  There were 70 squares.  We had to decide how many squares each animal group needed.  We were learning about area!  We used sticky notes to map out the zoo.  To make habitats, we used sand, paint, glue, rocks and we even made trees.  Then we put our clay animals into their habitats.  We took pictures of ourselves, printed them out and glued them to sticks.  This way, we could be a part of the zoo!  We shared our zoo with our families!  It was so fun!  Our favorite part was....everything!

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