Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Kindergarten Field Trip to Oak Hammock Marsh

written by Ms. Lewis's Kindergarten class
We were at Oak Hammock Marsh for our field trip.  We went critter dipping.  We saw bugs in the water.  They were fast, but we caught some!  We went on the roof.  It was made of grass.  We saw beaver homes with a telescope.  A beaver was on top of it.  It was amazing!
written by Mrs. Gibson's Kindergarten class
We used nets to go critter dipping.  We found water bugs, exoskeletons, a big snail and water tigers.  We learned about birds like the red-winged black bird.  We learned that birds have different beaks and feet to use for different purposes.  The woodpecker's tongue goes around the brain to protect it when it is pecking a tree.  We each got a stuffy and went outside to find a habitat that it could live in.  The most exciting part was when we went on a walk and saw ground squirrels going in and out of their holes.  We enjoyed our field trip!

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