Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our WAG field trip ~ Grade 3&4

written by Autumn, Nolan, Olivia J. & Kieran

Last week, we went to the WAG....the Winnipeg Art Gallery!  It was filled with real art!  There were nice statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses.  Some of the art was from ancient Rome.  We have all been exploring ancient Greece in our classrooms!  
It was neat because the statues were of real people.  They were carved from marble.  All of the statues and pots were over 2000 years old!  There were masks, too.  Most of the art pieces were over 2000 years old.  Some kids got to dress up in robes.  There was a gold colored rope to go around our waists.  We took pictures with our iPads.
Ancient Greeks created the Olympics.  They used the vases for the Olympics and wrote the atheletes' names on them.  They loved to drink wine, too!
When we got there and looked up, it looked like we were on the ceiling.  The ceiling was made of mirrors.
There are special lights in the museum and it has to be at a special temperature to preserve the art.  We couldn't have flashes on because it would damage the art.
Each class got to make a background for a story.  We also got to make the characters.  We used oil pastels and water paint.  The water paint resists the oil and makes the oil colors stand out.  You could create any story you like.  We are going to create the story to share with our friends.
A few of our favorite moments.....I loved playing the drum.  We got to play the drum like the girl in the statue.  I liked seeing the feet.  There were two feet, one from Europe and one from the United Kingdom.  We think the foot was from Athena.  Everything was my favorite ~ all of the art!  I also liked listening to the picture stories.  I really enjoyed seeing the Gods and Goddesses.  The pottery was very interesting!

The new LEGO Exhibit at the WAG opens June 21st.  We saw the places where the exhibits are going to be.  We can't wait for the unveiling!!!

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