Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Crop Gardens

Our Crop Gardens 2012 from Lisa Michaluk on Vimeo.

video photos taken by Indiana (SSES Blogger) and Mrs. Cuthbert

voice over credits ~ Emily, Karsen, Tommy, Johannah, Luke and Hannah

Our Crop Gardens 2012
written by Jackson ~ SSES Blogger

We planted the wheat in June when we were in Grade 3.  We were hoping to make wheat flour out of it and then make bread.  When we came back to school, it was mature and that meant we didn't need to dry it.  We cut it down with garden shears.  We put the grain into pillow cases and beat it with a shoe. We loosened the grains with the bottom of clay pots.  We separated the wheat from the chafe by using the wind.  This is called winnowing.  We will use the grain that we collected for next spring's planting.  Mrs. Chapnick used a flour mill and ground up grain she got from Arborg.  We made bannock and bread.  It was delicious!!!


  1. The bread looked yummy! Thank you for sharing the pictures. It's really cool that you went in the mud and planted the seeds and then made something with the wheat. I saw my brother. It's cool how the grass turned to wheat. We saw our cousins. It is interesting how you made it. It is nice how they could make the biscuits with the flour. It looked yummy! I saw my Mom in the video. We loved your pictures, Grade 4s!

  2. This video is outstanding! I am so grateful to have this incredible learning experience at SSES profiled in such a creative and innovative way. Learning together in our greenhouse, raised garden beds, and crop gardens has been such an unbelievable experience and I am thrilled that we have this video to share with others and to celebrate. I loved my "winnowing" experience and it was so much fun taking pictures of this in action. I didn't even know what "winnowing" meant until I joined you with this activity, even though my Dad was a crop farmer. I learn so much everyday from all of you! Thanks also for inviting me to taste your delicious bread and bannock. I feel so lucky to be a part of the amazing school. Thanks for sharing!!