Thursday, October 18, 2012

We love Kindergarten!!!!

After eight months of Kindergarten Here I Come, the students were ready to embark on their Kindergarten adventure!  What an exciting adventure it has been and we've only been at school 14 days!

Here's a little peek at some of the exciting things we are doing in Kindergarten at SSES!

I like going to Music. ~ Emmalee

I love soccer stations in the gym. ~ Thomas

I like our whole school! ~ Kaitlyn

I like playing with my friends. ~ Ava M.

I like playing monster trucks at recess. ~ Erik

I like making pictures. ~ Peyton

We have a pet fish.  His name is Bernie.  He is a reddish orange.  He likes to eat fish food and swim around in his bowl.  He has green and blue stones in his bowl.  We love Bernie!

I made a picture for Bernie. ~ Jasmine

I like school! ~ Rylan

I love playing basketball in the gym! ~ Mitchell

I like our fish because of their tails. ~ Miguel

I love the fish! ~ Maria

I like the classroom because it is a place I can learn. ~ Amaris

I like the colors of our goldfish. ~ Sophie

I like the fish.  ~ Jori

I like the fish because they are pretty funny. ~ Brody

We have two goldfish.  Sparkle is the gold one and Twinkle is the black one.

I like the goldfish because it has yellow in it. ~ Abby

I like the black fish because it looks like a hammerhead. ~ Zak

I like the goldfish. ~ Rylan

I like our goldfish because they are so friendly. ~ Matthew

I liked naming the fish. ~ Katarina

I like their colors. ~ Eva

I like the black fish because he has big eyes! ~ Eastyn


  1. I loved reading about all of the wonderful things that you are enjoying about Kindergarten! I can see by your pictures that you are going to take such good care of Bernie and I look forward to sharing many exciting adventures with your new classroom pet. He is lucky to be in such a kind and caring classroom. Thank you for sharing!
    Love from Mrs. Cuthbert

  2. What does your goldfish eat? Thank you for sharing the goldfish comments with us and thank you for telling us about your goldfish! The goldfish are cool! I liked your goldfish. The comments about your fish were sweet. What do your fish do? What colour is the food? I saw my brother's goldfish in the classroom when I went to pick him up. It was cute! Have a great day!

  3. Thank you for the nice comments. We enjoy having Bernie as a pet. We feed Bernie 2 pieces of fish food every day. Bernie's favourite thing to do is swim all day long.