Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creating with Nature in Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten we have been talking about beautiful things in nature.  The students brought in their own bag of beautiful things in nature.  We read the book Leaf Man by Lois Elhert and discussed how she used leaves to create pictures that tell a story.  We then made our own creations using leaves, pine cones, seeds, acorns, rocks, grass and branches that tell our story.

written by Mrs. Gibson's class

I think it was very nice!  Mine was Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. ~ Raymond
I made the eyes out of pine cones. ~ Kaitlyn
The leaves were very colourful. ~ Kaz
My leaf man was a unicorn. ~ Madison
My unicorn eats carrots. ~ Talia
The leaf man making was very fun! ~ Danyx
The leaf man were very kind ~ Dillon
The leaf man has to go where the wind blows. ~ Gage
The wind blows and when the wind is gone the leaves fall to the ground. ~ Isaiah
My leaf man is like a human. ~ Kalea
I like the leaf man I made ~ Laura
I made my leaf man with leaves and glue. ~ Matheson
I like my leaf man because I made two of them ~ Gunnar
I love my leaf man so much and I love the wings on it. ~ Jaylee
My leaf man is just a leaf man, but when I take it home I am going to put it in my closet. ~ Sarah
Mine is pretty! ~ Rebecca
I love my leaf man! ~ Faith
I like it so much that I am going to hang it up on my Christmas tree! ~ Oliver

written by Mrs. Bergman's class

Alaska ~ I used leaves, flowers and acorns.
Benna ~ He’s going for a sunny walk.
Berlyn ~ Little pieces of leaves were his mouth and eyes.  The pinecones are arms and legs.
Chloe ~ It’s special because I made it.
Christian ~ The leaf man is the orange thing.  There’s his favourite leaf, his cousin, friend and tail bomber.
Emma ~ It’s a bunny because I have bunnies at home.  I used 4 pinecones, 2 leaves and 2 seeds.
Jack ~ I used a sunflower stem for the neck, leaves for the body, and wild berries for the eyes.
Julianna ~ It’s like a circle, a dog with 2 grapes in the middle.
Kaiden ~ I made a pattern with petals, leaves and stems.
Katelyn ~ I had 5 green leaves and bunny arms and leaves for the arms.
Kolton ~ He looks like an acorn with grass at the bottom.
Kylie ~ I used leaves and pinecones.
Madeleine ~ I used pine cones.
Madison ~ I used leaves and seeds.
Marlo ~ I used leaves, bark, an acorn and apples.
Raya ~ I used leaves for eyes, pinecones for arms and the mouth was part of a flower.
Samuel ~ I used a Christmas tree, feather, leaves and flower.
Solomon ~ I used leaves.
Ty ~ I used leaves.
Vilena ~ I used leaves, pinecones, acorns, grass and bark.
Amelia ~ I had a rock for a head, 2 leaves for arms, 2 leaves for legs.  I used a sticker for a belly button and an eyeball.
Kaleb ~ I used a stem of a bull rush for the arm.  I used a leaf for the body.  I used a tree for a tree.  The other arm has a shield.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your leaf stories! All of you are so creative. I brought some gorgeous Maple leaves from Toronto when I was there at a conference and I am going to take a picture of them to show you on our school Instagram. Maybe you could help me write my story? (One leaf reminded me of fireworks as there were so many beautiful colors on it.) Fall is my favorite time of year!!! What is your favourite season?