Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fresh from our Garden ~ Mrs. Johannesson's class

The children in Room 115 have been very busy!!!  After we picked our carrots from the garden, we created a survey to graph what we wanted to do with the produce.  It was a tie!  We decided to try carrots & dip and to make carrot muffins!  Many families shared their favorite carrot cake/muffin recipe with us.  We loved grocery shopping, preparing the carrots, making the muffins and sharing them with our friends in Room 116.
Thank you to everyone who shared recipes with us!

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  1. This video is absolutely delightful! What an incredible journey you have enjoyed with this learning. Thank you for inviting me to read one of my favorite stories from when my daughters were little girls, "The Runaway Bunny", by Margaret Wise Brown. Whenever my daughters are sad or we miss each other, I say to them "Have a carrot..." just like the mother bunny tells her little bunny in the story. I sometimes leave a chocolate carrot on their pillow at Easter, or buy them carrot shaped soaps, because to us a carrot is symbolic of our love for each other. When you invited me to share this wonderful experience of tasting your delicious harvest of carrots, I felt so loved!