Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Potato Project 2014

This spring, the grade 2s & 3s planted potatoes with Mrs. Chapnick in our garden beds.  Now in grade 3 & 4, the children helped Mrs. Chapnick dig and harvest the potatoes.  We celebrated with Hot Potato Day on Friday, October 9th.  Each child in the school washed potato and wrapped a potato for baking.  Our chefs, Mr. Kustiak and Mr. Ostapchuk baked the potatoes and prepared the sour cream, onions and cheese for us with Mrs. Chapnick.  Right before lunch, the potatoes arrived ready to enjoy.  They were delicious!  We harvested almost 200 potatoes this fall.  After our hot potato feast, we had leftover potatoes.  These potatoes are being donated to Evergreen Basic Needs for families in our community to enjoy!
A special thank you to Mrs. Chapnick, Mr. Ostapchuk and Mr. Kustiak for making Hot Potato Day such a success!

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  1. What a joyous day! It was also so much fun taking pictures of all of you digging your potatoes and it was a gorgeous day. Watching you celebrate each potato discovery reminded me of when my Dad was still living and my little girls would help him dig up the potatoes. This is one of my favorite memories of my Dad-working in the garden which he LOVED to do. I have an adorable picture of my little girls when they were just toddlers helping Gido and I will bring it to school to show you. It was so great to have Mr. Kustiak back with us at school. Thank you to Mrs. Chapnick, Mr. Ostapchuk, and Mr. Kustiak for all of your hard work to make this wonderful event happen at SSES!