Friday, June 21, 2013

2nd Annual SSES Super Run

written by Avery
SSES Blogger

We have Running club at SSES.  At the beginning, we ran inside for 3 weeks and it is on Monday and Thursdays.  After 3 weeks we got to run outside.  Mrs. Magnusson said to us "always try your hardest!"  She told us that 3 people from our running club would run at the Blue Bomber Relay Kick-Off on Wednesday, June 26th.  Luke, Taylor and Jordin's names were drawn to run!

On Friday, June 21st we had our Super Run around Vesturland.  Two laps around Vesturland was 2.6km; 4 laps was 5km.  Grade 1 and Grade 2 all made signs for every one of the running club members.  At the end, we all got popsicles, medals, cookies, bananas and juice boxes.  I love Running Club so much!!!
A big thank you to our local Sobey's for sponsoring us!  They provided each of the runners with popsicles, cookies, bananas and juice boxes following the race!
Thank you to our parent volunteers and SSES staff members who kept everyone safe on our running route!
Also, a big thank you to Mrs. Magnusson for dedicating her time to our running club.  Your love of running always inspired us to run our personal best!

Our amazing cheering section....thank you family and friends for supporting our runners!

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  1. I am sooooo proud of all of you for your participation in the SSES Running Club. This is an experience that you will never forget because it may ignite your passion for running or for being physically active. Being active actually makes your brain function at a higher level! Thank you to all of the fans that made signs to cheer everyone on. I LOVE the "run like the wind" sign-it is so inspiring! Congratulations to all of the runners and the supporters. Thanks so much to Mrs. Magnusson for her dedication to this important initiative at our school, and to Mrs. Affleck and Mrs. Michaluk for helping out. Thanks also to all of the parent volunteers that came out to help, (some even ran with the students), and for your support in picking up students on their practise days. Thanks to our community sponsors and Sobey's. What a team!