Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Water Days with GHS

Grade 1 and 2 Water Days Activities
written by Koen Grade 2

We went to the gym and other classrooms to do the water activites.  All of the Grade 1s and 2s got to do them.  We got to use tools to get the bugs out of the mud.  In the gym, we had a tag around our neck with a picture of a bug.  I got to be it!  I had to catch all of the "bugs" with Autumn.  In Room 114, we made polluted, green, dirty water.  We used screens to get the pollution out.  It was gross!
I liked all of the activities that we did and I liked that the high school kids came to our school.

Lake Winnipeg Shoreline Clean-Up
written by Luke and Jordin SSES Bloggers

Last week, we went to the beach to clean up the shoreline.  We collected 315 cigarette butts ~ that was the item that we collected the most of.  We found the most garbage and recycling on the shore.  Every class went in a different group and some went to the harbour, the shoreline, the boardwalk and to the Viking statue.  We did this to clean up our shoreline, our lake and our community.  It is important to our environment!!!

Water Days
written by Angelica SSES Blogger

We went to the High School to do some water activities.  We did a game where you tried to guess what fish another person had.  Then the other person guessed what fish you had.  Another game was tossing a rubber ball around.  You look on your right thumb and tell the high schoolers what your thumb landed on ~ either land or water.  The high schoolers got some ditch water and showed us what lives in the ditches.  I learned that tadpoles live in the ditches and slugs live there too.  It was amazing and awesome.  It was important because we learned what's in our lake and that the world is mostly water!!!

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