Friday, June 14, 2013

Grade 3 trip to the Museum of Man and Nature

On June 10th, we went to the Museum of Man and Nature.  ~ Tanner

We got to go to the lunchroom for snack.  ~ Renee

We had to put our backpacks into a locker room. ~ Ryder

We went to the Science Gallery.  My favorite part was the mirrors. ~ Gabriel

In the Science Gallery, there was a car building station.  Once you build it, you can race it. ~ Keenan

We went to the exhibits.  My favorite was the Nonsuch. ~ Sidney

My favorite part was the room of mirrors because it was hard to find your way out.  ~ Kyra

I liked the part where you sat on a chair and used the rope to pull yourself up. ~ Liam

I liked the big sand and water table.  You got to make stuff at it.  ~ Emma

I really liked the bat cave with a bear in it.  ~ Anika

In the Science Gallery, there was a tornado made of air and steam. ~ Breyden

There was an exhibit with a movie theatre in it.  It was actually playing a movie and that was my favorite part.  It was a black and white movie.  ~ Alek

My favorite part was the race track because we got to build cars. ~ Reeve

My favorite part was the race track because you got to race.  We built the cars out of K'nex. ~ Logan

My favorite part was the matrix because it was just full of mirrors.  It made you think that there was no floor and that you were even standing on mirrors. ~ Connor

I liked the old town.  It was set up like an old village. ~ Zack

There was a giant harp and a giant guitar that you could play. ~ Adam

My favorite part was the bat cave because you could take a flashlight into it because it was dark.  You could find a bear cave in it. ~ Kiorra

My favorite part was the bat cave because there was a bear in it. ~ Kyrra

I liked the old guns and old things that they used. ~ Grace

I liked the part when you sat in a chair and you got to pull yourself up.  It was easy! ~ Bodhi

I liked the harp.  There weren't any strings, but it still made music. ~ Embla

I liked the chairs that you pulled yourself up on with a rope. ~ Taylor S.

I liked the Matrix because it was a room filled with mirrors. ~ Zach

The waterfall was cool because it was in a little creek. ~ Nathan

There was a fish tank with turtles and fish in it.  There was a little spot with algae. ~ Danalee

The best part was when you had to fix a space module on a little thing.  ~ Patrick

My favorite part was the buffalo and the guy on the horse and the ship. ~ Dylan

My favorite part was the ship because you got to walk around on it and look at all of the stuff. ~ Jager

I liked the shadow thing where you pushed the button. ~ Leah

I liked the ship because it reminded me of a story about Jonah. ~ Nayeli

There was an old movie theatre that had a black and white movie playing. ~ Bailey

I liked the old town because you got to go inside of it. ~ Essa

I liked the race cars. ~ Sky

I loved all of the old-fashioned guns.  I like old-fashioned things. ~ Josh

I liked the water table. ~ Rebekka

I liked the racing cars because they were cool to make. ~ Luke

There was an echo chamber.  You could talk through a little hole and it would go to the other side. ~ Garisen

It was a great day!!!  Thank you to the parent volunteers that joined us on our field trip!

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