Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grade 4 Sleepover!!!!

written by Indiana and Taylor
SSES Bloggers

Our Grade 4 sleepover was fabulous!  We had so much fun.  We started in eight groups doing a photo scavenger hunt.  We all played Minute to Win It with games like getting the cookie from your forehead to your mouth!  We had a choice of two movies, "Up!" and "Yogi Bear."  We also had a choice of either Rice Krispies or Cheerios for a bedtime snack.  We all brought our own sleeping bags.  The boys slept in the gymnasium and the girls slept in the library.  In the morning, the girls were sleepy and the boys were not!  The boys fell asleep around 12:00am and the girls fell asleep at 1:00am!  For breakfast, we had pancakes and fruit.
Thanks to all of the people who helped make this possible!  It was a sleepover to remember forever!!!! 

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  1. This sleepover was the first time SSES ever had an overnight event. It was so fun and very well organized. Mrs. Magnusson and Mrs. Poloski must have spent hours and hours planning this amazing event as there was so much for everyone to do, and lots of great, healthy food to eat. I especially loved the digital photo scavenger hunt and couldn't believe how much exercise everyone got just running through the school posing for pictures. I loved that the groups changed often so that all the students got the chance to visit with all of their friends. Even though it rained outside, all of the events planned in the school were super fun and active. I think Mrs. Magnusson and Mrs. Poloski thought they could tire everyone out...I am not sure if it worked but it was sure fun! Thanks to these amazing teachers and the parent volunteers who helped to make this such a fantastic event for our school. These memories will last a lifetime. We are going to miss all of you next year!