Monday, June 24, 2013

Grade 2s visit the Zoo

Top 5 Field Trip Moments!
Polar Playground: the video games, jumping on the icebergs
Butterfly Garden: all of the butterflies, we learned that their favourite food was sliced oranges and buttermilk
Lions and Tigers: the biggest cats in the world
Hudson the Polar Bear: he was sometimes silly and interesting to look at
Flamingos & Peacocks: because they can roam free, sticking out their feathers

Our Top 5 Field Trip Memories
We really liked the tigers.  When the tigers went to the shade they waved at me.  One tiger even had his tongue hanging out.
We loved getting our photo taken with Tubbs, the penguin.  The penguins were really cute when they were lying around.  Tubbs was enjoying swimming in the water.
We enjoyed checking out the lions!  Their paws are really big!  One of the lions was scratching their back with their paw.  Both lions were males.
When we went in the Discovery Centre the carpet pythons were wrapped around the branches and hiding in the corner.  There was a box full of snakes in the tree and all you could see were their tails hanging out!
We loved the Australian Outback.  We liked the kangaroos because one was jumping towards the water bowl.  The emus were cool.  An emu even came up to us!   


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