Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grade 1s visit the Children's Museum!

I liked the part when we went onto the train and the slide.   ~ Ian
My favourite part was that we got to stay there all day!   ~ Isabelle
My favourite part was when we went in the Disco room and when we went in to the night time sky room.  ~ Anika
My favourite part was everything.  ~ Kerrigan
My favourite part was when we went on the Lasagna.   ~ Haden
My favourite part was the slide and the upstairs where we got to look at the people.  ~  Ellery
I like when we went on the Lasagna, and when I got to drive the train.  ~ Aidan
I like the part when we went to the water table.  ~ Oscar
My favourite part was the train and the water table.  ~ Emma
I liked everything.  ~ Hunter

My favourite part was going on to the Lasagna.   ~ Ethan
My favourite part was when Aidan and I were in the Cheese and playing at the Construction site.  ~ Blaze
My favourite part was everything.  It was very fun and we got to stay and eat lunch there and I was very happy! ~ Maya
I liked going in the train!  ~ Bryce
My favourite part was everything.  I liked the train!  ~ Zion
My favourite part was visiting the Robert Munsch exhibit.  ~ Mrs. Isfeld

There was a noodle castle. ~ Keira
I saw a big train, it was really cool! ~ Jayden
There was a water place.  There were balls and there was a tornado you could put the balls in. ~ Ryan
There was disco dancing in a room at the top of the slide. ~ Morgan
We went to a wall with a cow on it and on the other side there were tubes and air pushes the balls around. ~ Ben
Our favourite part was the Robert Munsch room. ~ Sawyer and Jayde
I went to a craft room.  I made a cow and I tried to make a sandal. ~ Hailey
It was fun at the Children’s Museum! ~ Chayse
In the water station there are things that you could turn higher and lower. ~ David
There was a play structure with noodles.  At the very top you could lay down and put your feet on the roof. ~ Jackson
Inside of the train there was a TV that made it look like you were moving and there were 8 buttons. ~ Jesse
I liked the cupcake in the Robert Munsch room.  I thought I was going to get cooked. ~ Owen
 I loved the two rooms where we could do disco dancing! ~ Sam
I liked the crane. ~ Nolan
I was singing Move it , Move it in the disco room and I then I was trying to dance. ~ Rocky
A special thank you to each of our parent volunteers for joining us for a day of fun, adventure and imagination!

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  1. Thank you so much grade 1's for letting me come on the field trip with you. It was so much fun spending the day with all of you.

    Mrs. Tarnowski