Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kindergarten's go to the Children's Museum!!!

Paper, trains, lasagna, and water are just a few of the exciting things we explored and learned about at the Children's Museum. On June 13th we travelled to Winnipeg to explore many of the cool exhibits at the Children's Museum.  First off, we learned all about how paper is made then we made our own.  After snack we went to the rest of the exhibits at the museum.   

“I liked the train because there were rats underneath the wheels and I was driving.” ~ Miguel

“I like the train because it has a nose on it. “ ~ Zack
“The best part was climbing on the bars outside after we ate lunch.” ~ Delaney

“Climbing on the bars was fun!” ~ Jenifer

“I like the train because it had a big engine you could climb on.” ~ Parker

“I like it because the balls got sucked up by air. Then they got shot out and bonked me on the head. “ ~ Viggo

“I love the train because there was a bell and costumes.” ~ Mitchell

“The slide was great!” ~ Callie

“I like the train because it goes outside and you can go on top of it.  It was fun.” ~ Duncan


“I like the water part.  I pretended I made the water.” ~ Emmalee

“I like the train because it leads out of the building.  We pretended the engine was on fire and it was funny!” ~ Ava M.

“Climbing the fence was my favourite.” ~ Keira

“Lasagna Lookout was my favourite.” ~ Ava B.

“My favourite was climbing the fence outside.” ~ Rayna

“The water and Lasagna Lookout were my favourites.” ~ Eric

“I like the tunnel because it is like a circle.” ~ Bella

“I like the play structure and the tunnel that rolls.” ~ Colten

“I like the spaghetti because you can climb it.” ~ Abby

“I like the slide and the area around it because there are cool things upstairs.” ~ Amaris

“I like doing Lasagna Lookout because there were noodles in there and I went through them.” ~ Jillian

“I liked it because the water table sucks up the balls with a tornado.  I liked that we made our own paper.  I liked everything!” ~ Ava V.

“I like Lasagna Lookout because you get to climb really high.” ~ Rylan

“I like the train because the back goes outside.” ~ Peyton

“I like the inside of the Children’s Museum. ~ Brody
“The train was my favourite part.” ~ Aurora

“I liked climbing the bars.” ~ Olivia W.

“I like Lasagna Lookout because there were noodles you can go past.” ~ Thomas

“I like the train because there were costumes at the back, steering wheel in the front, and seats.” ~ Sophie

“I like the noodles because there were rubber duckies hidden at top.” ~ Maria
“I liked everything.” ~ Slade

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  1. What a wonderful day you must have had at the Museum. I would love to try to make my own paper. How cool! So glad that everyone had a great time on their field trip. Thanks to all of our parent volunteers for making the trip so safe and successful!I am sure that many of you would like to go back and visit with your families and friends!